Welcome to Alpenhause Kamera Werke in Santa Paula, California!
Please welcome our new East Coast Sales Representative In South Carolina Mark Hilliard, Mark has many decades of fine photography experience and "Know How" regularly holds photographic field workshops on the East Coast in large format photography and beautiful Infrared photography workshops, Mark will be handling sales and service of Alpenhause 4x5 cameras for the Eastern USA, contact Mark@thelensworkgallery.com

The focus is on converting Polaroid's famous and versatile professional cameras of the 3 1/4" X 4 1/4" roll film format cameras such as the models 110, 110A, 120, 110B and 900, These cameras are basically "Orphans", as no film has been availble for several decades, Converting these cameras to the 4x5 format greatly increases their usefulness and creative value.

The 4 X 5 conversion is based on either the 110, 110A, 110B or 900 chassis with the stock 127mm f 4.7 Rodenstock Ysarex mounted in the Prontor SVS 1-1/300th shutter with selftimer, also 105mm, 135mm and 150mm lenses are routinely fitted to the 900 and 110B with full rangefinder calibration to suit each lens, parallax and framing altered to suit as well.
The Rodenstock lens is a remarkable performer that adequately covers the 4 X 5 format and allows for a bit of movement. The lens is made from rare earth glass and is stunningly bright and sharp, a top quality German product. The camera is an American work of art due to its sturdy aluminum construction that is made to last a lifetime.
Lenses from 105mm to 150mm can be fitted to both the 110B and 900 and you can add "Close-Up" modification so that you can get down to 34" with 150mm lenses.
No one else seems to be able to fit 105mm to 150mm lenses on the 110B, 900 and precision calibrate the rangefinder to suit.

There are few outfitters who fit and calibrate lenses from 90mm to 150mm, most only can fit the stock 127mm, you best hire my services for these lenses.
Lenses measuring 2" or less in overall length can be fitted to the 110B, Lenses measuring up to 2 1/4" in overall length can be fitted to the 900, restrictions apply, please consult me for more details about fitting these lenses, the cameras completely fold up as well, no need to unscrew the front element like other conversions.

The cameras that are converted are fitted with a very special 4 X 5 anodized aluminum back that is specially designed for the 110 series Polaroid cameras, This back is brand new, not salvaged from a Graflex or other camera,the back is very tight profile, it only extends down about less than 3/8" beyond the bottom of the camera therefore when you set the camera down on a table it will not have much of an incline like a camera fitted with a genuine Graflok back would.
The most remarkable feature of the Tight Profile Back is that it will accept ANY 4 X 5 film holder, any Polaroid film back made to fit a 4 X 5, and just about any roll film back designed to fit a 4 X 5.
The  "Coil Spring Back" allows for two sided cut film holders, Grafmatics, Polaroid 545 and the thick Polaroid 405 and 550 film holders to be slid in under the ground glass back, few 4x5 cameras if any, allow for a Polaroid 405 and 550 film holders to be slid in under the spring back like this camera can. 
All other backs can be utilized using  the Screw Down Grafloker Plates.  These 4x5 backs are Brand New, not old tired backs from junk 4x5 view cameras or old Graflexes.
Please have a look at the many album pages to see the many types of conversions along with custom leather options, this page has the most broad and comprehensive collection of  cameras past, present and future also see photos from Alpenhause camera owners from around the world. Check back often, these "Web Albums" pages are ever growing!  New Super Wide Angle 4x5 camera is now available, 65mm and 75mm lenses

Please Folks!   Have the money needed for your camera project before contacting my shop, Look at the "Options" page for prices, also be sure you have adequate time to work out what model camera and lens you want, I do not want to sound rude but I am so not interested in "Wait" and "Later", It does not take long at all to sort out what lens and camera is best suited for you, I do not want the drama about you having to sell your Graflex or other camera or how you need to save up money to buy a camera here let alone find out you need a spouse or partner's approval to purchase a camera here.  The only time "Wait" and "Later" are acceptable is you have to send a portion of the total price or a lens to my shop right away, this way I know for sure "Wait" and "Later" will be OK.

I should also mention those of you who do not want to answer emails and phone messages in a timely manner or not at all you must not contact my shop, in fact you must Get The Hell Off My Website Right Now!

 They are producing type 55 film again! It is Here! http://www.new55.net/  Hang on to your Polaroid 545 holders because this new film fits in them. This New55 film is designed to give you a great print and a great negative in on sheet and... soak the negative in ordinary B&W fixer, How is that for wonderful??
New! New! Take a look at this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pacorocha/sets/72157619006319867/  and look at Type 55 website for more methods of negative recovery.
Fuji instant film allows for a re-useable negative! Very similar to Polaroid type 665 and type 55! Color film too! Just save the negative and let it dry out, then carefully clean the back side off with household bleach, careful not to get the bleach on the emulsion side, wash in clean water then dry it.
In the meantime, don't toss out  any of your Fuji instant negatives, both B&W and color, just let them dry out  in a safe place.
Color negatives you just carefuly wipe off the black backing with household bleach with cotton balls then wash in water, Photo-Flo dip and then dry. B&W film do the same thing then soak in Kodak or other B&W fixer then wash and Photo-Flo dip and dry.

One thing you need to be really careful about is when you are cleaning the black backing off the films is be careful not to get any bleach on the emulsion side as it will ruin it.